Earwigs of Korea

Checklist of the 22 species occurring in Korea

Author: Fabian Haas

For the purpose of this website, North and South Korea are treated as Korea, since many records are older than the division into South and North Korea. So, it seemed to me that it is more convenient and efficient for finding the relavant information to use the term 'Korea' instead. In addition, insects do not keep to borders or nations and so it seems reasonable to examine the fauna of the Korean peninsula as a whole.

However, I would like to stress at this point that no political statement is intended.

See also the pages of Kim Tae-Woo under Orthopteroids of KOREA with Checklist by Kim Tae-Woo, which includes photos and the original description for many of the local species.

Publications on Korean Earwigs


Relief, water, glaciers and urban centers. No of Dermaptera species in each country.

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Further, detailed information on the Korean earwig fauna is available in the databases and in the link list.

Alphabetic List of Species

Family Subfamily Species Author Common Name and Notes
1 Anisolabididae Carcinophorinae

Anisolabis maritima

(Bonelli, 1832)

not in my data so far

2 Euborellia annulipes (Lucas, 1847) not in my data so far
3 Euborellia pallipes (Shiraki, 1906) not in my data so far
4 Euborellia plebeja (Dohrn, 1863)
5 Gonolabis distincta (Nishikawa, 1969)
6 Gonolabis marginalis (Dohrn, 1864)
7 Forficulidae Anechurinae Anechura harmandi (Burr, 1904)

8 Anechura japonica (Bormans, 1880)
9 Anechura quelparta Okamoto, 1924 my addition
10 Forficulinae Forficula auricularia Linnaeus, 1758 not in my data so far
11 Forficula mikado Burr, 1904
12 Forficula tomis scudderi Bormans, 1880 in my view Forficula tomis (Kolenati, 1846)
13 Forficula scudderi Bormans, 1880 my addition
14 Forficula vicaria Semenov, 1902
15 Opisthocominae Eparchus yezoensis (Matsumura & Shiraki, 1905)
16 Timomenus komarovi (Semenov, 1901)

17 Labiduridae Labidurinae Labidura riparia japonica (de Haan, 1842) in my view Labidura riparia (Pallas, 1773). Striped, Giant or Tawny Earwig
18 Pygidicranidae Challinae Challia fletcheri Burr, 1904
19 Challia kyusani Moon & Kim, 1985
add::21 Challia gigantia Nishikawa, 2006 published in Nishikawa (2006) Japanese Journal of Systematic Entomology, 12 (1): 17-31
add::22 Challia taewooi Nishikawa, 2006 published in Nishikawa (2006) Japanese Journal of Systematic Entomology, 12 (1): 17-31
20 Spongiphoridae Labiinae Paralabella curvicauda (Motschulsky, 1863) in Kim's list Metalabella curvicauda (Motschulsky 1863), not in my data so far.

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