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Card Index of the Natural History Museum in London NHM

I had the chance to digitize the Card Index on Dermaptera of the NHM in London Card Index NHM and so you can browse the 4500 cards. You can read the original image files in .tif (or TIFF) image file format.

Country Faunas

The country fauna by Bio-Region

For the following countries, I have made faunas or checklists. They are usually quite up to date, but if you think I have missed something, please send me a note. I use the interned ISO codes: AR, AT, AU, BE, CD, CH, DE, FJ, GR, IE, IR, JP, KE, KOREA, NA, NI, PE, RU, SC, SD, TR, UA, UK, US, VE, and ZE. I am sure you know these codes.

I used the traditional colour coding for the bioregions, pls see for yourself Colour Coding of Bioregions.


Some 25.659 records on the distributions have been contributed by many colleagues collected by myself in museums and literaure, and also added through an auto-indexing script.

I am especially greatful to D Ahrens, M Balke, T Basedow, S Berghoff, S Bilinski (Poland), D Borisch (Sweden), H Ghahari (Iran), F Gusenleitner (Austria), A Haas, H Henderickx (Belgium), P Kocarek (Czech Republic), JJL Manchego (Peru), D Matzke, M Nishikawa (Japan), G Ramel (UK/Greece), L Rezbanyai-Reser (Switzerland), W Reeves (USA), H Schabel (USA), M Stüben, T Wagner, A Winotai (Thailand) for specimens and their contribution of concrete locations to the Distribution database.


Literature & Publications: search the Earwig Literature of 4 Centuries in 3.857 articles of all respects of earwig research. Since I have started, many initiatives have been founded, such as the Biodiversity Heritage Library and GBIF and I simply cannot compete with those. So please do also check those websites; not to forget Bing and Google and other search engines. There is so much information now available.

Photos & Drawings

Despite the fact that photographs alone are often insufficient for an ID of an Insect, a photo is of so much help. Often enough its just telling you what your specimens is NOT. That might exactly be the information you needed, and you can move on seaching. In contrast to what you find on the internet the specimens here have almost all IDed by an authority, so there is some reliability. Search among 10.247 photos and drawings from museums and papers.


check old names, and find old names for valid species ...


find the family to a genus or all genera of a subfamily ...

Topics & Keywords

with 16.008 keywords, the literature has been indexed manually and also added through an auto-indexing script.

Vernacular, Native or Common Names

many vernacular names for earwigs in Finish, German, Japanese, Manx, Thai and many other languages have been compiled. This is always a good "conversation pieces" on a meeting, well, for the more informal part.

All Names is simply a listing of all species names I could find, they may or may not be right or valid but they were around.

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